Country Gig
A lovely vehicle which can be seen at pleasure driving shows
throughout North America. Available in painted or natural finish.

Painted - Cane Panels
Painted - Spindle Back seat (Cane Panels - Operating rear Hatch Door - Patent Dash - Real Bedford Cord Upholstery -
Wedge and Half Cushion - Staggered Spokes on Wooden Hubs - Standard Seat

Painted  Country Gig with Spindle Back Seat
Spindle Back Seat - Tufted Real Bedford Cord Upholstery- Patent Fenders and Dash - Foot Guards
Vase Style Whip Holder - Brass Rein Rail - Short Hubs

Cob Size Country Gig
Standard Bench Seat with Tufted Wool Broad Cloth Upholstery - Patent Dash and Fenders - Long Humbs
Brass Trim


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