Custom Built - Four Wheel - Suitable for Single or Pair


The Wheelchair AccessIble Carriage is primarily manufactured for use in therapeutic driving centers and for drivers and riders who use wheelchairs.The front seat is removable so that a wheelchair occupant can either drive or ride. The rear ramp can be stored in an upright position, which allows a wheelchair occupant to face forward or sideways in the back of the carriage with an assistant.

Available is sizes to fit  15 to 18 hh
Included in Base Vehicle:
- Brakes
- Ramp(can be stored in veritcal or horizental position 
  allowing versatile seating options)
- Full Fifth Wheel
- Full cut under
 -Pole or shafts
- Oak Panels
-PlaIn vinyl or imitation cord upholstery

Wheelchair Accessable Carriage showing ramp in travel position.

Wheelchair Accessible Carriage with Ramp Down
Wheelchair  Accessible Carriage with driver's seat removed ready to
accept wheelchair. Clamps are provided to fix
wheelchair securely

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